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[ale] How to change the size of Var folder?

> You could, however -- strictly as a temporary hack -- copy
> /var to a directory on a larger partition (say, /usr/new_var),
> remove the /var directory (dangerous - probably best to be
> in single-user mode for that), and then link /var to
> /usr/new_var. The danger, of course, is that whatever is
> filling up your /var partition now has the opportunity to
> fill up /usr instead.

There are couple of big log files and i have emptied them all.
Can you show me how to link /var to /new_var.
I don't worry too much about fill up /usr as its size about 1249000 k
and /var has only 220000 k available

It would be nice if I can control which thing should be logged, as most of
the thing in log files as mailer-daemon mail which i don't think that it
needs to log



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