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[ale] ftp upload mirror tool

Or rsync can be used...


On Tue, Aug 21, 2001 at 06:40:17PM -0400, Master Wizard wrote:
> I can think of several ways to do this, depending on how up-to-date the sites need
> to be. Basic idea is to create a shell script that is run by cron on a however
> often you need it basis.
> You take a snapshot of the filesystem just prior to upload capturing whatever info
> you feel appropriate to determine which files have changed. Then, compare this
> snapshot to the one you took just prior to the last upload. Any differences are
> the files you need to upload (or delete, if you can).
> If you need near realtime sync, then the following should work.
> 1. create a user, such as synccopy, and make him the owner of the filesystem in
> question.(all files and directories).
> 2. make this user the only user capable of writing to the filesystem
> 3. create a synccopy script that runs as the synccopy user. this ensures that
> anyone wishing to change a file in the filesystem has to use the script.
> 4. the script cp's the file(s) in question to the filesystem and then ftp's the
> same file out to the remote systems. you could use a csv file to hold the url/ip's
> of the remote systems.
> Since it is possible for a remote site to be offline when this happens, you would
> also need a cron job to check for changes that might have been missed. Schedule
> that for as often as you need.
> Hope this gives you some ideas.
> Ed.
> Jim Popovitch wrote:
> > --- Trey DArley <tdarley at net-hopper.com> wrote:
> > > Re: wget... Depends on which way you are trying to mirror,
> > > doesn't it? And upon how much control you have over the ftp
> > > host in question...
> >
> > That is exactly my problem, I don't have shell access to the
> > destinations.  What I need is wput, not wget. ;)
> >
> > Thanks to everyone who responded,
> >
> > -Jim P.
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