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[ale] wine error

Stephen Turner wrote:

> Warning: could not find wine config [Drive x] entry
> for current working directory
> /mnt/win_d/sierra/Half-Life; starting in windows
> directory.
> /usr/X11R6/bin/winereal: cannot find 'hl.exe'
> this was my error when trying to run the command "wine
> hl.exe" to my understanding wine is fully installed i
> am not sure where config is located and if i even need
> to bother it. 
> thanks for your time

Different that what you think.  In this case, I would think it actually found the config file, but...
/mnt/win_d/sierra/Half-Life is not on any of the virtual (DOS) drives defined in the config.  Wine switched to the "windows" directory, and tries to run your program from there, but fails because it can't find it off of a drive letter.

Try adding a new drive to the config, like:

[Drive D]

and then run "wine [options] D:\sierra\half-life\hl.exe"

This assumes you do not already have a [Drive D] define in your config.

Lost in Tokyo,

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