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[ale] linux on a 486

If all else fails. Try filling screen with magnetic dust, compile a custom
kernal to boot from floppy and create and graphics station for 4 year old you
may know. We can market them under the name "Etch-a-Slack" or "Caldera
Open-Etch" or if you prefer we could spin off with
say.."FreeLSD(Linux-Sketch-Device) I will register the domain
"linuxtosketch.org". In todays market we can make pennies on the dollar!!!!!

Ok, back to reality. To go a long way around try pocket linux.
(www.pocketlinux.org) Boots from a floppy and detects any network devices. I do
not know about PCMCIA support but if it worked you could then ftp and load what
ever distro you want. Another smaller lightwieght version I know of is Peanut
Linux. (www.peanutlinux.org) However I have no experience with this one.

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I've been attempting to load linux on a challenging system.  It's a 486
with 8 meg of ram.  Mandrake tells you up front to forget it, Red Hat
will begin to boot, but a couple steps into the install process tells
you you don't have enough memory.  I fell back on the tried and true
Slackware which appears to work with limited systems.  In spite of the
fact that the docs for 8.0 tell you the install requires 16 MB minimum.
I figured I'd fire it up, create some extra swap and go with it.  Well,
I get to the point where it's installing the devs package and, well it's
still there two days later.  I can go to other virtual consoles and do
limited stuff, but they begin to hang as well.  I could drop back to an
earlier version of slack which I know has worked on this box in the
past, but I'd like to go with latest greatest stuff if possible.

Anyone have any suggestions for other dists. that might fly with this
limited box?

Until later: Geoffrey         esoteric at denali.atlnet.com

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