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[ale] Networld/Interop Redhat 7.0 CD

since steve brought that up,

I burned a CD  off the image on sunsite.unc.edu, 7.0-i386-disk1.iso.

I tried to upgrade a new RH62 box with it.  I let it to find out what
needs to be upgraded and delected a handful which I  don't need.  The
install size is 560M...It asked for the second CD for the last 23M  of
installation. I aborted with 3-finger. result: LILO is not run
properly. rpm database doesn't seem to be right either....

I  thought the second CD  is the source CD as usual. Guess I was 
wrong this time. Also, the first CD doesnot seem to be xntp3 package. I am
burning the second CD right now. hope it will have it.


On Thu, 28 Sep 2000, Stephen Pellicer wrote:

#I picked up a RedHat 7.0 CD from networld+interop this week. I decided
#to fire it up on my home machine and they are giving out kinda bunk
#CD's. A lot of the packages are missing and the second CD doesn't have
#any of the preview packages. One that hit me particularly hard was not
#having nss_ldap on the CD (I use ldap for authentication on my
#Just a warning for those of you who picked one up.
#PS anyone get _real_ RedHat CD's at interop?
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