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[ale] Looking For Constructive Help

    Hey y'all.  I've been 'dabbling' with linux off and on for a year or
two now and want to get into converting 100%.  I am looking for advice
on an AGP card as well as a sound card.  The rest of the system is set
to go.  My ultimate goal would be to have vmware running with this to
help ease the transition.  The m/b is based on the 440 bx set, so the
AGP card would probably need to be an older version ( correct me if I am
wrong ).  This setup is currently a PII 450 w 128 mb's.  Will that be
enough to run vmware successfully or should this be upgraded to 256
mb's?  Hard drives are not an issue.
    My next question is this.  I have a copy of RH 5.2  I saw in the
stores that RH 7.x is out now.  Has anyone had any experience with
version 7?  Unfortunately, I only have modem access to the Internet, so
to d/l the images is out of the question.
    I read the how-to's at ldp as well as redhat but they don't seem to
be current.
    I wouldn't mind some pointers to 'newbie' sites or other helpful
links.  Doing the research doesn't bother me, I just don't where to
start.  This seems to become overwhelming at times.



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