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[ale] YALM (Yet another Linux Mag)

Yes, I saw it at Barnes & Noble and decided to pick it up if for no other
reason than to get a Mandrake CD in my hands for $7.00.  I agree, some
trashy talk, but OK overall.  Not for everybody, but nod bad for total
newbies (which we need more and more of).

FWIW, I re-installed the Mandrake over the Red Hat on my dual-boot
Overdrive/100 and it worked - fixed my screwed-up X, for sure.  As time
allows, I would like to get the modem and Internet connectivity working.
I've also downloaded StarOffice and want to put that on too.

I'm also curious if the Linux SETI at home client completes work units faster
than the Windows client on the exact same system.

- Jeff

Wandered Inn wrote:

> Picked up a copy of Maximum Linux the other day, from Kroger of all
> places.  It's published by the same folks who do Maximum PC, which used
> to be Boot.  Same trashy talk, but seems to be a decent mag.  Decent
> interviews and hardware discussions.  Gaming on Linux and some other
> stuff.  Didn't know if anyone had seen this one yet, thought I'd share.
> First edition, came with a Mandrake cdrom as well.  That should hook
> some folks into at least buying the mag.
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