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[ale] Linux use by ISP

> Keith,
> I don't disagree that Linux is a great OS. Why else would I be on this list?
> However, as a long-tine Unix user I can assure you that Sun Solaris has
> users groups. They are obviously mostly commercial, not many people have Sun
> boxes at home (I do but it is for business). Also, until Intel developed the
> newer Pentium chips the SPARC chips were much faster than Intel's and
> Solaris is a well-proven and reliable OS.

Most of the time they're generic Unix groups; since the community has pretty
much winnowed itself down to Solaris, AIX, and a smattering of Dec and HP 
guys, and they're pretty much all Syustem V-oriented, it's not hard at all
to get Solaris help, etc... 

my two bits'