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[ale] Buying a dual system.

"Mandrake (Geoff Harrison)" wrote:

> yes.  you will.  BUT let me be the first to mention that by the time you're
> ready to purchase a 2nd CPU you will likely just buy a whole new computer.

Ahh perhaps, but I'm thinking about the 550 with Xion chip. Is it even worth
getting the Xion chip thing ?
It's been a while since I did or read anything about assembler, but from what I
remember: If you strip all the unecessary microsoft MOV & CALL instructions a
486 will look better then a 586.

> this happens to me every time.

II know, Hey what's the big deal with RAM jumping up in price ?

> there are kernel compile flags you have to set to get the SMP kernel
> up and running correctly (and if you do them on your non-SMP box you should
> experience slowdown)

So all I will need to do is recompile the kernel ? that's easy enough, anyting
else ?


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