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[ale] 3dfx card conflict

1.  Check and see if you have an option for PNP aware OS in your BIOS, if so turn it OFF.

2.  A good many BIO's allow you to specify which IRQ's/DMA's are allcoated to PCI or ISA.  Some even allow dedicating a IRQ to a specific PCI slot as opposed to letting the BIOS allocate them.  Check and see.

3.  You may have to play with the order of the cards.  I believe it depends on the order of the cards, as opposed to what cards are next to each other.  You may have to try several combinations.

4.  Careful.  You may have 4 PCI slots, but many boards share resources between the last PCI slot with the adjacent ISA slot.  If you have a card in the ISA slot you may have to move it to make use of the last PCI slot.

5.  Good luck.

> I have a conflict with my 3dfx VooDoo3 2000 PCI and an ensoniq 1371 PCI
> sound card.  Has anyone had similar problems?
> And what I mean by a conflict is that the computer won't show a display
> OR proceed with the memory check on boot.  It just won't boot.
> The 3dfx card also has problems with a card in an adjacent slot, too.  I
> can't put the 3dfx card next to my LinkSys NIC or it won't boot.  I have
> only four PCI slots, so I can't skip slots in between cards.
> Any ideas??
> - Scott
> P.S. - The card displays great when it works, I just want sound too!