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[ale] 2.2 packages

On Sat, 30 Jan 1999, Wandered Inn wrote:

> Chris Ricker wrote:
> > Use the -beta40.  Or, if you're brave, switch to the knfs.
> The beta40 in the 'dontuse' directory?

Yes.  Okir just puts stuff there that hasn't been thoroughly tested.  There
are a few problems people have had with -beta37 that are fixed by -beta40.
On the other hand, you might never encounter those problems (and I don't
even remember now what they were).

> Should I be wary of the knfs??  Can you build it as a module?

It's not as well-tested, and it's different, but I've not had problems with
it for a couple of months now.

If you want to use it, snarf the support package from HJ Lu
(ftp.yggdrasil.com/private/hjl/knfds-somethingorother, probably) and install
his new init script (which is RedHat-specific, so you may have to tweak it
if you run a lesser distribution) and all the utils and stuff, but do not
patch the kernel.  All those patches have already been folded into the 2.2.1

It can be built as a module or directly into the kernel.  It's under
filesystems, then network filesystems, then "Server NFS support" or
something like that.

You may have to make some changes in your configuration if you use it (eg,
mounting stuff nolock or running lockd, etc.) if you switch to it, but it's
not that big a deal.


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