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[ale] Question building Perl-5.005.02

Before running make, I  believe you have to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to your
current directory ,  usually the one where you ran ./configure from.  Did you
do that?  You probably allready did though.  If so you may want to try
grabbing the latest stable release.  As a last resort you may want to try
upgrading to the latest glibc libraries.

> Hello - I'm trying to build the referenced package from Sunsite sources
> (the version in SRPM wasn't up to what I needed), and I get two surprising
> errors at library link time:
> 1) Generic libm stuff not found:
> Even though I identified "-lm" among the libraries to link, it doesn't
> seem to be used.  If I re-enter the link command manually with a trailing
> '-lm', then those are resolved. @#$!!
> 2) Missing 'main':
>  -- Why is this in a library linkage anyway, and what should I do here?
> I'm running RH4.2 and libc5
> TIA - mills
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