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[ale] New Kernel 2.2.0


	I've made this private, to avoid bandwidth-waste.

At 11:35 AM 1/28/99 -0600, Ryan Frank wrote:
>1. removed the existing /usr/src/linux-2.0.36 directory (Probably where I 
>went wrong but let me finish :)
>2. in  /usr/src  tar -xvf linux-2_2_0_tar
>3. from /usr/src/linux ran make menuconfig
>4. make dep
>5. make modules
>6. make modules_install
>7. make clean
>8. make bzImage
>9. I copy the kernel to a new directory...

	This sequence seems almost fine, so let me correct a bit:
	in /usr/src/linux
	1) make dep
	2) make clean
	3) make bzImage
	4) make modules
	5) make modules_install

	Since you didn't perform a "make clean" before you built the modules, you
could have had some old .o files laying about.  If, though, this was just
after unpacking the tarball, then you should be fine.

>In lilo.conf I use the following  config...
>	Label=2.2
>	Root = /dev/sda1

	Yeah, unless you actually use the ram disk, I'm remove this line.

>	Read-only
>I then run LILO and it adds the entry... Right now I can see two potential 
>problems and I am wondering what I should do...
>#1.  The removal of the usr/src/linux-2.0.36 directory, I do not believe 
>that is necessary (I always make a BU before I delete).  Please let me know 
>if just Un-Taring the archive in its own dir and running make from that dir 
>will work...

	I keep the sources in /usr/src/linux-2.0.36, or linux-2.2.0-pre9 or ....
I then create a symbolic link to linux (e.g. in /usr/src, ln -s
linux-2.2.0-pre9 linux).

>Little bit about the hardware and me... Dual PII, 512mb ram, 2x 4.5gb Scsi, 
>3.2gb IDE... 3C509, Matrox, Adaptec, OPL3 sound.  Me? Kinda weird kernel 
>compiling freak...  NT guy by day, Linux by night :)  knows enough to be 
>REAL dangerous... Any help, very much appreciated....

	Cool system!  I have to get along with a Pentium 200MHz MMX.  I'm happy