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[ale] New Kernel 2.2.0

Ok, So I compiled the new kernel 2.2.0 this morning... Yes I do feel cool 
now... The speed increase is dramatic!  However I have run into a few 
issues here... And I feel I may be doing something wrong... Here are the 
steps I take and the results I get.

1. removed the existing /usr/src/linux-2.0.36 directory (Probably where I 
went wrong but let me finish :)
2. in  /usr/src  tar -xvf linux-2_2_0_tar
3. from /usr/src/linux ran make menuconfig
4. make dep
5. make modules
6. make modules_install
7. make clean
8. make bzImage
9. I copy the kernel to a new directory...

In lilo.conf I use the following  config...

	Root = /dev/sda1

I then run LILO and it adds the entry... Right now I can see two potential 
problems and I am wondering what I should do...

#1.  The removal of the usr/src/linux-2.0.36 directory, I do not believe 
that is necessary (I always make a BU before I delete).  Please let me know 
if just Un-Taring the archive in its own dir and running make from that dir 
will work...

#2.  The initrd=/boot/initrd-2.0.36-0.7.img, this seems wrong... Is there 
one for 2.2.0?  Do I need it?  What is it (Assuming RamDisk image)?  How 
can I create/get a new one :)

Little bit about the hardware and me... Dual PII, 512mb ram, 2x 4.5gb Scsi, 
3.2gb IDE... 3C509, Matrox, Adaptec, OPL3 sound.  Me? Kinda weird kernel 
compiling freak...  NT guy by day, Linux by night :)  knows enough to be 
REAL dangerous... Any help, very much appreciated....

System Administration
Motorola Corp.
page: 847-576-0295 pin: 12700