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[ale] Linux/Apache/Perl/Minivend help needed

I hope this mail list is appropriate for this listing. I checked around
and could not find
anything against it. If I offend anyone please let me know. We are
looking for good people
and since I am a Atlanta Linux  user I thought that someone in this
group would be interested.

Our company needs additional resources to help with the launch of our
on-line shoe store.
We are based in Atlanta and are looking for experienced people in;

Minivend;Linux;Perl; Apache -- you get the idea!

Please e-mail me if you are interested! Please note we are not an
employment agency /
consulting organization or anything under that guise. Our company name
is Oscar Thompson
and we have 3 'real' retail stores in this area. So if you want to live
in Atlanta and get
in on at the beginning of an exciting project AND have a lot of
experience - let me know.
Ideally full time people are needed, but other arrangements will be

Malcolm Silberman
Oscar Thompson
Atlanta, GA
Ph: 770-698-9192