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[ale] Looking for flowcharting package or tool

'Lo --

I have to draw some activity flowcharts (not strictly code logic), and
could do them in Win95 and SmartDraw.  I would rather find a solution in
Linux, which would have to be cheap or free.  I don't absolutely need
graphic input: some type pseudocode would be fine, maybe even better than
mousing. I would need to export the results in something like GIF, EPS, or
other format I could import into a Word97 document.  LaTeX solutions would
be nice to know about, but I would prefer something where I wasn't typing
quite such low-level input.  I have tried xfig[-3.1pl4], which would work,
but it looks that I would have to repeatedly create shapes for common
objects, like diamonds, unless some xfig-spert could tell me how to add
shapes to the repertoire. 

TIA - mills

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