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[ale] Pixmap editor

Hello Linuxers,

I need to create some sprites for a game project. So far I've done
everything with the GIMP, but it's not really geared towards small
pixmap editing... I need the following features:

-Palette control (load/save palettes from files). I use palettes
generated by Tcl scripts, so I need to be able to force particular
colors in particular colormap cells.
-Zoom in/out. GIMP does a nice job of this.
-Drawing tools (which GIMP seems to lack). I need lines, circles, and
preferably ellipses.
-Save to XPM format. PCX would also be nice.
-A cross of XPaint's tools and GIMP's general coolness would be perfect.
I'm pleased with the GIMP in every way except for its lack of a good
straight line tool.

Neopaint (remember that from the DOS days?) was an excellent tool, but I
can't get DOSEMU to use graphics modes because of the crappy NeoMagic
chipset in my laptop. Does anyone know of any native svgalib or X
graphics programs with the above features?

My game project is something similar to XEvil, but I'm using SVGALIB
with my own porting layer so it can easily be ported to Win32. I've had
at least 5 people ask me for a windows version of XEvil... 'Course the
Linux version will be first!