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>I'm not quite sure how to fix this if fsck won't work, but you can buy
a UPS (uninterruptable power supply) for about $40 now, that will
bring your machine down cleanly in the event of a power failure. If
you lose power every time that it rains, it sounds like you need it!

I thought about this about a month ago. Looks like I was a little too late.

>The exact same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. Actually, the power went off
and on half a dozen times in a few seconds. That's got to hurt a computer.
After doing the same fsck, etc. I still had problems. Finally I just gave
up trying to fix it and fdisk'ed and reloaded slackware from the CD.

I'm actually not too bothered by this solution.  I was thinking of
going to Caldera 1.3 soon anyway.  This will just be an install instead
of an ugrade.  Thanks.  It's always good to hear from people 
who had the same experience.  Sorry it happened to you too.
The Caldera install does something like scandisk, so I'll just include that.

>whith power problems like that and no UPS tell me you have
>a backup of /home

I've got /home /usr/local /etc/ppp and XF86Config all backed up
plus some other small things.  This is my home computer
and I am the only user, and I use it mainly as an interface
with my work stuff (HPUX, IRIX), so there really isn't much of anything
important in /home anyway.  But after all the trouble of making that
X config file, I made 5 copies of it and stored one in a safe!

Thanks all, 
KDE here I come...........