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[ale] dosemu help?

> I'm messing with dosemu in hopes of not having to put windows on my laptop.
> I can get it running but when I do a "lredir" to redirect the linux 
> filesystem to a drive letter I get this:
> C:\> lredir X: LINUX\FS\tmp
> Error 5f00 redirecting drive X: to LINUX\FS\TMP
> C:\> lredir X: LINUX\FS\home
> Error 5f00 redirecting drive X: to LINUX\FS\HOME
> C:\>
> Anyone have any ideas?  I get the same thing when I do it via autoexec.bat.

lredir doesn't work with freedos, which DOSEMU is shipped with. You'll need
to get a DOS that supports lredir. Not sure but I think OpenDOS does.