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[ale] FTP Server on Linux

Also make sure that you enable shadow passwords by running pwconv.
On Fri, 22 Jan 1999, Michael H. Warfield wrote:
>Matthew Brown enscribed thusly:
>> Should I be confident that I can turn on the FTP daemon without compromising
>> my security too much.  Surely someone out there is using FTP and Linux?
>> I only ask because I have heard (I think) that this is one of the 'dangerous
>> daemons' to use as far as security.
>	It can be.
>	What is your objective?
>	1) Do you wish to start up an anonymous ftp server?
>	2) Do you wish to provide incoming or upload capability?
>	3) Do you wish to provide ftp access for non-anonymous accounts?
>	Anonymous ftp should not bee too difficult to set up.  In fact,
>most distributions already have it setup and too many turn it on ftpd
>with anon ftp service by default (grrrr).  Even if they do set it up
>properly, offering a service on the network by default, which the user
>may not be aware of, is a serious security risk.
>	If you wish to allow outsiders to upload data to your system,
>make sure ~ftp/incoming is writable but not readable or searchable by
>the ftp account!  Also read and understand the options in your /etc/ftpaccess
>file.  Do not allow the creation of subdirectories under ~ftp/incoming.
>	I would strongly advise against #3 and use safer file transfer
>methods such as scp.  Using ftp may result in user passwords being passed
>in the clear on the network
>> -Matthew Brown
>	Mike
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