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[ale] Problem adding additional SCSI HD

Jeff -

I'm not entirely sure you can do what I think you're doing - putting a wide
drive on a SCSI-2 bus.  I've done the opposite before but when you do that
you have to make sure that a wide device does the termination.  You may
need to get a wide card.

- Jeff

Jeffery B Layton <g593851 at yogi.mar.lmco.com> on 01/20/99 07:15:42 AM

To:   ale at ale.org
cc:    (bcc: Jeff Hubbs/Tower)

Subject:  [ale] Problem adding additional SCSI HD


  I've inherited a 1.0 Gig Wide SCSI HD (Quantum XP371070W - OK, no Quantum
jokes please). I've used a Wide-to-SCSI-2 converter to add it to my
SCSI case. My intent is to make it a /home1 for additional storage and/or
for /opt.

  Anyway, I did a media integrity check and low-level format with utilities
from from SCSI card (Adaptec 2930 - actually an Iomega JazJet card, but its
just a Adaptec 2930). Everything is fine so far.

  I boot Linux. The new drive is /dev/sdb. I tried,

  fdisk /dev/sdb

and created a primary partition taking up the whole disk. Now, the problems

  After I "wrote" the partition to the HD, it should sync the disks and
reboot so I can format it. However, the screen is filled with messages
about the SCSI card (or SCSI bus) resetting itself. This goes on until
I get tired of it and power cycle the box (I let it go 20+ minutes).

  After the box comes back up from the power cycle, the SCSI screams about
data integrity on the new drive and that is doesn't match the "parameters"
of the card (sorry, but I forgot to write down this particular error

  Anybody have any ideas about what to do?


Jeff Layton

g593851 at fs1.mar.lmco.com
laytonjb at mindspring.com