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[ale] 3COM PROB - Continues - Help Please

Hi, this is Matt.  Joe asked me to look that his problem with the IBM
ThinkPad.  I have a feeling that linux is seing enough of the unsupported
MWave card to know there is a resource conflict.  The problem with the
MWave card (as I understand it) is that it requires some sort windows
driver to control it.  There is enough actual hardware there it seems
possible to create a linux driver for it, but I'm not sure if anyone
will.  Its always possible these days that IBM themselves might create a
driver.  If possible (doubt you can easily get into the BIOS from my
experiance) disable the MWave card in BIOS.  It might be worth a call to
IBM's help desk to get into BIOS for this.  If that isn't a option, you
can try to disable it in windows control panel.  It will probably be
listed under modem, and just uncheck 'device enabled' or something like 
that.  If that keeps between boots, it might be enough to get it to work.
An unfortunate side effect of this would be to probably disable the IRDA
port at the same time.  It might also be possible to disable the card in
the IBM ThinkPad configuration tool that they give you for windows.

The page that Nick Lucent mentioned earlier on the list has some good info
for the ThinkPad 600. In case you missed it, it is
http://www.levien.com/tp600.html.  The note on the page about undefining a
section to get APM and suspend/hibernate working correctly is very useful
and works on some other models of IBM ThinkPads.

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