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[ale] changing mouse

You probably allready checked this, but just to be sure, you do have kernel
support for your particular mouse either compiled in directly or as a module.

I had this same problem with my Logitech marble trackball until I checked my
kernel config file.

Wandered Inn wrote:
> Jim Kinney wrote:
> >
> > I installed RH 5.2 yesterday on a gateway. During the install I selected
> > the mouse as being a PS2 MS Intellimouse (as per the specs on the mouse
> > itself) no emulate3button. Now, gpm is failing. If the mouse is moved a
> > white bar appears at the top of the screen and strange thing happen at the
> > command prompt.
> >
> > How do I change the PS2 Intellimouse to be a generic 2 button
> > emulate3button mouse? /dev/mouse points to /dev/psaux. It actually works
> > ok under X.
> I've got the same mouse, rh5.2 and the same problem.  'gpm -t ps2'  will
> set gpm to look for a generic busmouse, but that's probably what you're
> running.  The intellimouse is supposed to work with 'gpm -t ms3.'  I
> can't get it to work with either the ps2 or ms3 setting.  With the ms3
> setting, I get no cursor.
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