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[ale] lib*312

Hiya folks,

Trying to install StarOffice, but it fails. An ldd swriter3 says it
can't find a LOT of libs that look like libxx312 (libofa312, libmail312,
libtools312, etc). This xxx312 looks familiar, but at the moment, I'm at
a loss...
What lib am I missing? Why am I boneheading out like this?


PS Speaking of boneheading out...I FINALLY put a Redhat install on my
system(got ADSL and an FTP install was just TOO tempting....ADSL is WAY
cool. speed-wise)). Anyway, I have NO cut-paste buffer now. I use a
plain ol' serial mouse, and it works perfectly in Slackware (I've
installed RH, reinstalled Slackware, reinstalled RH, reinstalled Slack,
and now back on RH...all because of dhcpcd). I REALLY don't want to go
back to Slackware because of the freaking mouse, but I just can't get it
to cut-paste! And my work DEPENDS on it!!! (well, almost....I depend on
it, and I work from here....)
Any ideas? (I DO have emulate3buttons set to ON)

Matt, again