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Gateway to bundle too... (Re: [ale] Compaq To 'Test Drive'

Guess what, Chris (et all)?  Gateway has now said they will bundle RH 5.2
with their servers too...



At 10:37 AM 01/18/1999 -0500, Chris Ricker wrote:
>On Mon, 18 Jan 1999 Stan.Hearn at ipst.edu wrote:
>> http://www.zdnet.com/sr/stories/news/0,4538,2188401,00.html
>> "Slated for availability in March, Compaq Japan will bundle its midrange
>> servers
>> with Pacific HiTech's Linux operating system and an Oracle Corp. database,
>> among other applications..."
>Also see <http://www.zdnet.com/pcweek/stories/news/0,4153,385256,00.html>,
>where Compaq will be shipping RH 5.2 preinstalled servers with 24x7 support.
>Compaq, Dell, and IBM have been pre-installing Linux for about a year or so
>now if you asked them nicely.  The difference is that now they're going to
>have server lines devoted to Linux that they churn off the assembly line,
>and that they support.
>Now if we could just persuade Gateway so I could get a free cow mousepad w/
>my next Linux box ;-).

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