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[ale] Diamond Viper V330 8M and X

I am new to Linux and need some help with my video card.  I have a Diamond
Viper V330 with 8 megs of RAM on my PPro 200 with 64 megs of RAM.  I am
running RH 5.2 and XFree86SVGA 3.3.2.  I use Xconfigurator to set up X
Windows and after probing my Viper it only gives me a 256 color
configuration.  X Windows says it only has 1024 bytes of video RAM.  Is
there a solution to get the system to use all 8 megs of RAM on the card?

Another question.  I compiled the 2.2 R6 kernel and cannot get it work with
my Ensoniq AudioPCI.  It was recognized with the 2.0.36 kernel that came
with RH 5.2.  Is there a patch or driver that I need to get?


Chris Woodruff