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[ale] My system seems to ignore PAM.

This is annoying me.  I am trying to do some stuff with PAM on a debian
Hamm system, and it is ignoring it.

I have /etc/pam.conf, which is an empty file (just some comments saying it
uses /etc/pam.d/*)  In /etc/pam.d, I just have the other file, which has
these lines:

auth     required       pam_deny.so
account  required       pam_deny.so
password required       pam_deny.so
session  required       pam_deny.so

nowhere is there a login file, so it should't be allowing me to login.  I
even copied the above file to login and ftpd, but they both just acted

Is there something you need to do at the install that I missed that
enables PAM stuff?