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[ale] (off topic)call waiting

make sure that on the control panel in modem, dialing properties that the
box is not checked for "disable call waiting"

On Thu, 14 Jan 1999 16:31:50 -0500, Tri wrote:

> THis doesn't have very much to do with linux, but it doesn't have ANY
> THING to do with windoze so I guess it would be okay to ask it here.
> I only one phone line at home so when someone uses the internet no calls
> can get through and no calls can be made. I used to use 14.4 modem and
> whenever I used the internet I passed the AT m2 option to the modem so
> that I can hear the buzzing sound(carrier tone). Usually when someone
> was trying to call me, I would hear the buzzing sound(carrier tone) get
> interupted by call waiting and then I would disconnect to let the call
> through. Now I use a 33.6 modem to connect to the internet, but I can't
> use the method I used to use with my 14.4 modem to let the call through.
> The problem is that the call waiting tone doesn't interupt the
> connection, so the call can't get through. I know this is off topic, but
> it's annoying to have to wait until late at night to use the internet so
> that calls get through in the daytime. I would like to be able to update
> my gnome cvs files anytime I want. :)
> Tri

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