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[ale] OffTopic: RCS

I have been tasked with finding a solution for Revision Control for our
product.  The product is developed using Microsoft Visual C++ (Yuk) and is
stored on a Windows NT server.  We have numerous developers who access the
source so it needs to have the ability to lock files so only one person can
access at a time.
An addtional benefit would be to encrypt/decrypt the files as they were
added to the control system.  

I have looked at a package for UNIX/LINUX RCS that would work but not a
total solution.  I would like to take this chance to get a LINUX machine in
the office so that my boss can see the reliablity and get rid of NT
Any suggestions about a RCS solution (commercial or not) that could meet the

Thanks for suggestions,
Jeffery Tillotson
Network Support Engineer
Line Imaging
jeff at lineimaging.com