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[ale] emacs?

Matthew Brown typeth:

>I installed RHL5.2 and asked for emacs to be installed as well.  The install
>went fine - no glitches.  HOWEVER, when I try to run emacs, it gives me:
>bin/bash: /usr/local/bin/gemacs: No such file or directory
>In fact, it isn't there.  But I cannot install the rpm's from RedHat because
>they say it is already installed.  I followed instructions in an emacs
>README which said to:
>alias emacs=/usr/local/bin/gemacs

The emacs rpm distributed with RHL5.2 installs emacs as
/usr/bin/emacs. Normally, when you type "emacs" at the shell prompt,
your shell searches all of the directories listed in the environment
variable PATH (type "echo $PATH" to see them), and runs the first
program it finds called "emacs". 

When you typed "alias emacs=/usr/local/bin/gemacs", however, you told
your shell to, instead of searching your PATH for emacs, instead to
simply run the program /usr/local/bin/gemacs. Since, as you stated,
/usr/local/bin/gemacs doesn't exist, your shell returns an error
message. (The README you read was probably either outdated or just
plain wrong.)

To fix this, just log out and log back in again and you should be all
set.  (If you put the line "alias emacs=/usr/local/bin/gemacs" in your
.bashrc, then you'll have to remove it and then log out and log in

Let me know if this doesn't work.