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[ale] Mail System Internal Data

Nassar Carneige enscribed thusly:
> Does anybody know what the below message means. Ive never gotten this
> before. Is something corrupt with my system? Why would i get a message
> like this. im using RH 5.1

	That message is a "book mark" used by imap to note where in the
mail file it left off.  It's sort of a "read/not read" marker only not
from the point of view of the MUA but from the point of view of the
imap daemon.  Imap allows you to keep mail on the central server.  When
it updates your mailbox on the server, this is the last message at the
end of your mailbox.  That way it knows that every message following the
marker is one that it has never seen.  If you delete this message, imap
will think that all of the messages in the queue are new to it.

	If you are checking or reading mail from an imap mail reader
(netscape, outlook, pine/imap, etc, etc) you will not see this message
since imap hides it.  When you go back to a local reader that doesn't
gronk the imap marker, you then see it.

	Leave it alone if you do any remote mail reading.

>    -=Nassar=-
> tracc at abraxis.com

> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 00:17:53 -0500 (EST)
> From: Mail System Internal Data <MAILER-DAEMON at madvexed.com>

> This text is part of the internal format of your mail folder, and is not
> a real message.  It is created automatically by the mail system software.
> If deleted, important folder data will be lost, and it will be re-created
> with the data reset to initial values.

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