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[ale] hear, hear for females and Linux!

Dear ALE folks:

I have been reading the last few posts about young females learning Linux with
great interest.  I am very impressed that so many of you have taken the time to
teach your daughters/sisters/girl friends, Linux.

In my family, my father (and mother) still don't understand why I like
computers, bikes, and engineering.  Indeed, they view all of my interests as
being "male".  I am sure glad that my husband doesn't see it that way! 

Anyway, I am really glad to see some of you encouraging your daughters to pursue
what my parents would label "male" interests.  Keep up the good work and I
think the GNU generation will be the Linux generation - the ones that you've
taken the time to teach!

gt6492d at gatech.campuscwix.net
Lisa Chiang