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[ale] pgp

So then Wandered Inn (esoteric at denali.atlnet.com) said . . .

> I was looking to download pgp, but can't seem to locate it.  www.pgp.com
> is all commercial now.  Is pgp no longer available for free?  Thanks..

You know, there's also a GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) that is designed to be a
complete replacement for PGP.  The only trouble is that, IIRC, it doesn't
support RSA or other non-free crypto algorithms.  Anybody else know for sure?

The website is: http://www.d.shuttle.de/isil/gnupg/

As I understand it from RFC2440, GPG will not create RSA keys but will
support them in verification and decryption/encryption.  Is this true,

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