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[ale] Ongoing problems solved, sort of

Benjamin Scherrey wrote:
> Wandered Inn wrote:
> > Downloaded it and ran it.  After shuffling a couple of sticks around,
> > nailed the bad one.  Thanks a bunch.  Now I just have to figure out how
> > to take them up on their 'life time warranty' (the memory company)
> > Probably easier to just buy another....
>     Glad it helped you! Meanwhile, true story, back in 85 a disk manufacturer sold
> floppy disks with a "full lifetime warranty" which actually mattered to me being
> broke and in high school. Got a disk that failed after a few uses and called them
> up. I was told that its life time was over and I'd have to buy another!!! Was so
> funny I couldn't even complain to the guy...

I ate in a restaurant one time that advertised "all you can eat"  After
I finished my second plate and asked for more, the waitress said "no". 
I asked how come, and this big burley cook came out of the kitchen and
stated, "'cause that's all you can eat!"  Apparently that was a standing
joke they pulled because the rest of the patrons broke up laughing about


>     Ben Scherrey

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