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[ale] On the Hardware Note... (was: Bringing HW to Joe's tomorrow)

I can top that one. :)  My 7 year old daughter use's Linux to send email
and browse the net.  She has her own computer with win95 on it to play
games, but she'll ask me if she can use the 'real' computer when she
wants to do email or browse. :)  I'm teaching her right..

Chris Ness wrote:
> Dave Brooks wrote:
>  My sisters use it to browse the web and play games and what ever else
> > little girls like to do.
> They might surprise you.
> > The thing is, the harddrive is kind of lacking, obviously, and with
> > Windows98 (No!  I refuse to teach 12-year-olds UNIX <G>)
> My fourteen-year-old daughter has taught herself to access and get
> around in my linux box. Even managed to shoulder surf my root password
> and figured out how to restart ipmasquerading when I have left it down
> after using ax-25. Of course, she was 13 at the time :-) Now if she
> would only figure out how to rewrite the ipfwadm script so I can have
> the ipmasq out the modem and ether, plus the ax25 for me.
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You mean you paid MONEY for Service Pack '98????