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[ale] PartitionMagic

You can use the free FIPS instead of Partition Magic.

It's described in this HOWTO:

Make sure you get the version that supports FAT32, if you're running that.
I found this version which I think supports it.  I can't remember which
version I used on my Win98 machine. 

Before you use it, you should defragment your drive.  I had to unhide
several files in order for them to be moved by the defragment program.
After that, it was a breeze!

Good luck,

At 05:41 PM 1/10/99 -0500, Michael B Golden wrote:
>	It appears that to get my drive prepared for linux, yet be able
>to install windows to make it do something now, I will need to have the
>PartitionMagic program. I was wondering what the cheapest price anyone
>has seen on this program WITH BootMagic. I can't afford much, that's why
>I'm going kinda off topic here to try to find the lowest possible.
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