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[ale] Red Hat

It would be interesting to know how well the full packaged copies of RH are
selling.  I see racks of them everywhere, but I still just pick up the cd
only distributions.  Anyone have any idea on the sales volume of the full
Red Hat package at Office Max, Micro Center, etc.?  I'm also wondering if
stores will only look at the sales of the full-blown package to asses the
'success of Linux' in their arena.

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Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 10:19 AM
Subject: [ale] Red Hat

> I don't know how many of you noticed the OfficeMax ad in today's
>newspaper. It has a copy of RH 5.2 for free after rebates. If any of you
>plan to upgrade, it may be worth any drive you have to make.
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