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[ale] nfsd, mountd and portmap

portmap was the key.  I knew it wasn't running either, but couldn't
figure out why.  Eric A. mentioned this as well, so I checked into it
again.  Turns out, I had an /etc/rc.d/init.d/portmap, but there were no
sym links to any of the startup/shutdown directories.  Weird.  Anyway, I
duplicated the links as found on my other box, and all is well in NFS

Bob's ALE Mail wrote:
> > When my machine boots, the portmap, rpc.mountd and rpc.nfsd processes
> > don't get started properly.  The errors displayed are:
> > Jan  7 11:07:45 denali mountd[266]: unable to register (mountd, 1, udp).
> > Jan  7 11:07:45 denali nfsd[279]: unable to register (nfsd, 2, udp).
> Sure.  Most likely they are unable to talk to portmap.  Make sure that
> portmap is running.  Use rpcinfo(8) to talk with your portmap process.
> See my next email to learn about security hole mountd prior to RH 5.2.
> > Anyone have any ideas?
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You mean you paid MONEY for Service Pack '98????