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[ale] wierd problems cause X to crash

Well, I thought I'd figured out my problems with the recreation of my
swap partition, but X went down again.  Pretty weird stuff going on
here.  X crashes, then won't restart.  If I reboot, it works fine for a
few hours, then down it goes.  I had one instance when xterm wouldn't
start properly, received an 'invalid instruction' error.  Reboot, xterm
is fine.

My main problem is, I've changed too much on this box real recently and
really can't focus on any single possibility.  I've added a new 10.1g
hard drive, a pci video capture card, upgraded my kernel to 2.0.36. All
pretty much about the same time. I've downloaded and installed bttv and
xawtv which are drivers for X and the vid capture card which I was using
to attach my old camcorder for a future web cam.  There are warnings
that bttv is not very stable, and my machine did lock up twice such that
I had to hit the reset button.  Not pretty.

I'm looking at upgrading to RH 5.2, but hate to go through all that if
I'm having hardware problems.  Between the sig 11 errors and other
bizarre stuff, I'm not sure where to look.  

Suggestions are welcome.

Until later: Geoffrey		esoteric at denali.atlnet.com

You mean you paid MONEY for Service Pack '98????