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[ale] ViRGE/VX card not Xing in 5.2

OK, well, Mike Kachline's response suggested pulling a switcheroo during
the install and changing the link in /mnt/bin/X11/X to point to XF86_SVGA,
so I might try that.

- Jeff

vernard at cc.gatech.edu (Vernard Martin) on 01/07/99 04:51:40 PM

To:   Jeff Hubbs/Tower
cc:   ale at ale.org

Subject:  Re: [ale] ViRGE/VX card not Xing in 5.2

> During an RH 5.2 install (not upgrade), card is recognized but after the
> probing (i.e., after the normal "blinks"), screen goes dark and stays
> If I install RH5.1 and UPGRADE to RH 5.2, X works.

If I remember, correctly, the S3Virge chipsets are supported by both the
and the S3V servers. I seems to recall that the XFree86 folks plan to do
with the S3V server and merge it totally into the SVGA server which uses
XAA architecture for accerlation.

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