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[ale] ViRGE/VX card not Xing in 5.2

On Thu, 7 Jan 1999 jeff_hubbs at mcgraw-hill.com wrote:

> Under RH 5.1, my computer's ViRGE/VX video card is recognized at install
> time and runs X using "S3V" w/ no prob.
> Monitor selection is "Generic Multisync"
> During an RH 5.2 install (not upgrade), card is recognized but after the X
> probing (i.e., after the normal "blinks"), screen goes dark and stays dark.
	I had this exact same (very annoying) problem with my stealth
3d 3000 card. The way I think I remember having kludged around RH 5.2's
setup was to:

	1. Do the setup as usual until you get to the screen where it
tells you that it found an S3V card, and is about to fire up your server.

	2. Once you've hit that point, alt-f2 (f3?) into your root shell,
then find the symlink which they created (I think it's under
/mnt/bin/X11/X). I think if you just rm the link the installation just
sort of skips the whole X setup portion and continues on nicely. (I'm
pretty sure that this is what I did). If you still want to go through the
setup, try creating your own softlink of X from XF86_S3V to XF86_SVGA (or
to be even safer, XF86_VGA).

	3. My suggestion is to not even bother with installing
the X which comes with 5.2. Grab the newest X updates from RedHat (I say
this because the S3V server works in the newer updates, whereas you have
to use the XF86_SVGA server under the default 5.2 install). Update your X
RPMs, fire up "XSetup" or "xf86config", then everything should be easy
from there. 

							- Mike
Michael Kachline - CS, Georgia Tech
kachline at cc.gatech.edu