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[ale] WD 10.1 hard drive...SUCCESS

Matthew Brown wrote:
> Is all this to say that we can, in fact, purchase those honkin' drives
> without fear?
> -Matt

I would suggest that you read the Large-Disk mini howto and
/usr/src/linux/Documentation/ide.txt and decide for yourself.  I will
provide my view of what I got from these docs, but again, read the docs.

As I understand it you can have various problems with the larger
drives.  It can be a bios issue if your bios doesn't recognise the
drive.  It can be a Linux issue if you're running an older kernel,
(2.0.34pre14 or 2.1.90 or newer).  Basically what I get out of it is
that by doing SOME COMBINATION (might be just one or none as well) of
the following you can get your machine to recognize the larger drives:

1. update your kernel
2. update your bios
3. manually set the drive parameters in your bios
4. manually set the drive parameters when partitioning (cfdisk OR fdisk)
5. use the EZ drive software that is often provided by the drive
manufacture.  I've received versions of this software from Conner,
Seagate and Western Digital.  Each version received would only work with
drives made by the manufacturer the software came with.  That is, if it
came with a Western Digital drive, it would only work with a WD drive.

This is my personal view based on my own research. YMMV or YMMS, read
the docs. :)

Until later: Geoffrey		esoteric at denali.atlnet.com

You mean you paid MONEY for Service Pack '98????