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[ale] WD 10.1 hard drive...SUCCESS

It's working now, thanks to Bob Kruger.

Thanks to all that responded.  Bob was able to get me through, much
thanks to him.  Here's the deal.  Apparently, Bob's bios was 'new'
enough to set the drive to auto and it recognized the drive properly,
along with providing the proper cylinder/head/sector counts necessary. 
What I did was to set my driver to user and explicitly set the CHS as
Bob shared with me.  Information which is not provided either with the
drive docs or on the Western Digital web site. ???

The next problem for me was fdisk.  Fdisk does not see the right drive
size.  I then tried cfdisk.  It did not work properly without passing
the CHS values to it explicitly, which you can do with cfdisk, but not
with fdisk.

As it is, I've formatted the whole drive and I'm now able to access all
10.1 gig.  Based on the docs, it appears my only other solutions would
have been to either use the Easy Drive software which came with the
drive or a bios upgrade.  I've had at least one bad experience with Easy
Drive, and didn't care for a repeat.  bios is always a touchy issue, so
I didn't want to go that route unless it was absolutely necessary.

My next step is to install a complete install of RH 5.2 on this new
drive and see how it goes.  I'm going to retain my existing system, just
have a multiboot that includes two versions of Linux.

Thanks again Bob.

Until later: Geoffrey		esoteric at denali.atlnet.com

You mean you paid MONEY for Service Pack '98????