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[ale] My boot sector looks dead.

On Sat, 2 Jan 1999, Mike Kachline wrote:

> 	Given that you've got LILO installed in your boot sector, the way I've
> always gotten through this problem is to boot my trusty DOS 6.22 boot disk and
> "fdisk /mbr", then boot/root into Linux and re-install LILO.

Another friend already suggested I try that, actually.  I re-installed LILO
and still only get LI when I boot from that drive, which is why I began
assuming damage to the HD.  (That, and the fact that all this trouble began
after a sudden power outage -- I have no UPS.)

*sigh*  I've been booting off of a floppy with no troubles, so I suppose I
just won't worry about it.  I'd still be interested in where to find an
explanation of first/second stage boot loaders, though, if anyone knows.

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