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[ale] Sound Card?

The only sound cards that install w/o any hassles are the old non plug 
and play variety.   If you are running a RedHat distribution, there is 
a sndconfig program that will configure many sound cards (even PnP

But, if you go to your averge joe computer shop and pickup a <$20
sound blaster compatible sound card, it will probably be plug and
play.  You can get these cards to work, but you have to use the
'isapnp' tools, which in my opinion are  not easy to get going - but
it WILL eventually work.  Use a recent kernel (maybe 2.2 pre2?) and
compile the sound driver as a module - then you can specify the I/O
ports and IRQ's on the commandline to 'insmod' or in /etc/conf.modules 
if you are using kerneld.


Irv Mullins writes:
 > Hi all,
 > I installed Linux (Slack) about 2 months ago, and I'm very pleased with
 > the way it
 > works (no more GPF's and blue screens of death.) I erased Win 95 before
 > it could
 > self destruct. Again.
 > Now, I want to buy a good quality sound card and sequencing software.
 > Anyone have suggestions for ones that will install without big hassles?
 > Thanks,
 > Irv Mullins
 > ps: ASUS SP97-V mb, Cyrix 6x86-166, 32 megs, if that makes a difference.