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[ale] 10 Gig IDE HD

Bob Kruger wrote:
> At 01:30 PM 12/27/98 -0500, you wrote:
> >> I have a WD 10 gig HD that I would like to run as /dev/hda1, e.g. the boot
> >> drive.

I've got the same drive and was just now trying to get it installed.  I
upgraded my kernel to 2.0.36 and the kernel itself recognizes the full
drive (verses 2.0.33 which saw it as ~8 gig)  Problem is, when I attempt
fdisk against the drive, fdisk sees it as the ~8 gig size.  I've read
the Large disk howto and the ide.txt docs, but don't see specifically
how I might 'tell' fdisk the correct size of the drive.


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