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[ale] CD-ROM (Almost)

On Fri, 5 Feb 1999, Michael B Golden wrote:

> 	Thank you for everyone that posted both this time and in the past
> when I have tried to make it work. I was able to make it work this
> morning because of the tips you guys gave. Now, for the second half. My
> RedHat book says that its sound drivers can be loaded as modules, so why
> can't I on Slackware?

Modular sound isn't part of the stock 2.0 kernels.  It was done by Alan Cox
working for RedHat.  Like all RH stuff, it's GPLed and available for other
distributions to pick up (and is part of the post-Linus 2.0.x kernels), but
I don't know if Slackware ever did [1]....

> Can I just copy the sound drivers over and use
> them? I'm trying to avoid recompiling the kernel until my other system
> works.

You can, but you'll probably have to copy the whole RH kernel over.  I'd bet
that structures are different enough that modular sound won't even load with
a kernel that doesn't know about modular sound.


[1] That, BTW, is a good reason not to run SuSE.  Ever try to find the
source for YaST?

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