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[ale] AT motherboard connector pinouts/wireless communications ideas for Linux?

Hey guys, this is loosely Linux-based (I'm using Linux for this embedded
system).  I've been toying with the idea of making a PC based,
wireless LAN/serial communicating "roving robot", for fun.  I have two
related questions.

1)  I need to run the PC off of a DC 12v and 5v supply, but I don't know
the pinouts for an AT style pinouts.  Can anybody provide one?

2)  To get started, I'm going to use the innards of a cordless phone on
the mobile unit, and plug the base into my home PC, and establish
communications manually over a closed circuit phone.  I realize this is
majorly cheesy, but after all, it IS a home project.  Does anyone have any
thoughts/etc.?  I've thought about buying a older laptop for use on the
mobile unit, and putting wireless LAN cards to use, but that's more
expensive, and more importantly, I don't think cards are widely availble
that'll work with Linux.  Any ideas?

Thanks for letting me ramble,

Josh Murrah, jmurrah at salug.org, http://jmurrah.salug.org, ICQ 4613433
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