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[ale] lost+found

So I take it that removing the lost+found directory is a Bad Thing(tm)?



At 01:41 PM 10/29/98 -0500, Daniel S Cox wrote:
>	If you have the Edition VII (yeah, I'm showing my age) documents, one of
>the articles in there explains what it's all about.
>	The skinny: when fsck runs, and happens to find an unattached file (an
>inode entry that points to valid data and everything, but has no directory
>entry), it'll put it in lost+found.  Since a directory is
>'just-another-file' (at least to the file system), if there isn't room, it
>would have to allocate a new block from the free list.  Well, if you're in
>the middle of repairing the file system, this is a Bad Thing (TM).  So,
>when the file system is created, lost+found is also created, and expanded
>(by creating several dozen files, and then removing them).  Then, if fsck
>must re-attach a file, it just enters the name and inode number in the
>lost+found directory.
>	Clear as mud?
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