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[ale] isdn

On Thu, Oct 29, 1998 at 04:26:01PM +0000, Wandered Inn wrote:
> Eric Z. Ayers wrote:
> > 
> > $300 isn't high unless you compare it to a serial driven device, and
> > even then, it's a competititve price.  We've been using an external
> > Ascend box for a while. It goes through ethernet.  It's hassle free,
> > but prices of these type devices ranges between $500 and $1200.  A
> > spellcaster card is a nice low to intermediate range solution.
> I've got an USR 128K ISDN card, ran about $200.  I thought this was the
> norm, but maybe I'm wrong.

The SpellCaster card rocks. They support Linux. Their software, while
buggy at times, is really slick. You can address each B channel as a
separate device!
> The ascend box connects to your NIC in your box?  Are there other
> solutions such as this that I should consider over an internal card?

The Ascend Pipeline 25/50/75 series are routers. You plug in your ISDN line
and Ethernet cable, configure it, and you're off. You could connect it 
directly to your NIC with a crossover ethernet cable, but it'd be a waste.